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Franckowiak CFO LLC provides project-based and advisory services to help founder and family owned businesses transition to outside ownership, such as private equity (PE).  Outside investors and lenders need a higher level of reporting, metrics and controls requiring optimization of finance processes.  In addition, the sale process generates extra work for the company in addition to running the day-to-day business.  Much of this work falls to the corporate finance function.  For companies preparing for sale, in a sale process or post-sale integration, Dave provides the skills and bandwidth on a project-basis or in an advisory role. 


Founders understand their business, company and industry better than anyone.  Outside stakeholders including, investors, private equity sponsors, parent companies and lenders need meaningful financial information to understand the investment and progress in value creation.  To produce accurate, timely, relevant information requires an effective and efficient close and reporting process, budgeting and forecasting, analysis of revenue, costs and margins, customer and product profitability.

Outside stakeholders have higher expectations for cash and working capital management creating the need for effective finance processes including treasury management, order processing, billing and collections, purchasing and payment.


The process of selling or buying a business consumes a huge amount of time and resources in additional to managing the business.  For Finance, this includes financial statements, forecasts, financial analysis, adjustments to EBITDA and numerical data included in the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), gathering documents and data for the data room, supporting sell-side and buy-side due diligence and quality of earnings, and preparing disclosure schedules and working capital target in the closing documents. 


The Corporate Finance skills needed by an owner-operated business are different from the skills expected by outside investors and lenders.  Supporting the sale process requires another set of skills.  With the experience of helping fifteen companies transition to outside ownership, Dave provides the skills and bandwidth on a project-basis or in an advisory role.